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You are here for one specific reason ...

To win the lottery

We are here to help you achieve that goal.
Our Winmore Service, is going to give you a level of service never seen before in the lottery industry. A service where you will gain the knowledge to play the lottery not only to defeat the 1 in a million odds of winning, but from a common sense, know when to play, reward only philosophy. You will have the option to communicate with us daily via email, telephone or Skype, to get the answers and assistance you need for an upcoming draw and every one following.

What our service offers is a live agent who will respond to your lottery inquires and give you the insight you desire to achieve your winning goals.

Upon contacting us through our service options we will request some information from you as to determine which state or province you live in, which lottery you would like assistance with, and the dynamics in which you play the lottery. i.e. – weekly ticket purchases, draw types, number selection, etc.